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Climate Change Blueprints

The Climate Change Blueprints, launched in November 2017, were compiled by leading experts in the field and produced under the auspices of the UNSW Grand Challenges program.

These blueprints represent a major effort to inform the community of the challenges and opportunities facing society in the areas of: Energy Transitions; Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in Australia; and Justice and Climate Change. 

The Energy Transitions blueprint outlines the ways we need to reengineer our systems and practices in the energy sector - by transforming our energy systems in a clever, timely and sustainable way, we can help deliver a safer climate future for the generations ahead. Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in Australia describes several areas of co-benefit wherein tackling climate change will also lead to improved human health - front and centre in this is the benefit to society of cleaner air. The blueprint Justice and Climate Change, sets out a framework for how justice and equality should not only shape but also motivate our transition to a low carbon future.

The actions outlined in the blueprints may sound like hard work, but the challenges also present an enormous opportunity to innovate and redesign the way we do things.

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