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Climate Change

Launch: Climate Change Blueprints

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The Grand Challenge on Climate Change will launch three ambitious Climate Change Blueprints on Energy, Health and Justice.

The Blueprints provide a road map for the transition to renewable energy, managing important health issues like premature deaths from air pollution, and how to ensure that climate transition can contribute to a just society.

The Climate Change Blueprints are a collaboration from UNSW authors in fields of health, engineering, business, science and philosophy.

Chancellor David Gonski AC will officially launch the Grand Challenge on Climate Change Blueprints alongside the authors.


About the Grand Challenge on Climate Change Blueprints

Energy Transitions

Authors: Dr Muriel Watt, Annie Ngo, Associate Prof Iain MacGill, Ben Elliston

Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in Australia

Authors: Associate Prof Donna Green, Dr Annika Dean

Justice and Climate Transitions

Authors: Prof Jeremy Moss, Dr Robyn Kath