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Living with 21st Century Technology

Lyria Bennett Moses

One of UNSW’s 20 rising stars who will change the world, Lyria Bennett Moses is pioneer in developing a general theory of law and technology that provides practical insights into how and when law should respond to technological change.

Lyria is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at UNSW Sydney. Her research explores issues around the relationship between technology and law, including the types of legal issues that arise as technology changes, how these issues are addressed in Australia and other jurisdictions, the application of standard legal categories such as property in new socio-technical contexts, the use of technologically-specific and sui generis legal rules, and the problems of treating “technology” as an object of regulation.

Lyria is currently a Key Researcher and Project Lead in the Data to Decisions CRC, exploring legal and policy issues surrounding the use of data and data analytics for law enforcement and national security.

She is also Chair of the Australia Chapter of the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology, Chair of the Law, Technology and Innovation Research Network at UNSW Law and a PLuS Alliance Fellow.