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2019 Kaldor Centre Annual Conference

26 November 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm
Law Theatre | G04 | Ground Floor | Law Building
This event has ended

2019 Kaldor Centre Annual Conference
Good decisions: Achieving fairness in refugee law, policy and practice

Every day, decisions are made about whether people need international protection because they are at risk of persecution or other forms of serious harm. A variety of people make these life-or-death calls – immigration officials at the airport, tribunal members and judges, public servants, even Ministers themselves. In another sense, the decisions are also made by the general public, because the politicians they elect to public office will shape the overall approach.

The 2019 Kaldor Centre Annual Conference will bring top Australian and global thinkers together to explore aspects of refugee decision-making from the micro to the macro level – from individual cases through to wider public policy. It asks how we can ensure that refugee decision-making is fair, transparent and protection-sensitive, with outcomes that are consistent with international law.

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